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Thai Railways

Types of Train Services

Rolling Stock on Thai Railways

There are generally four types of 'Train Services' available within the classes, Local / Ordinary, Rapid, Express, and Special Express. Prices gradually increase along with both speed and comfort. All Special Express and Express Service Trains have sleeping berth carriages (First and Second-Class Air-Conditioned), but only some of the Rapid  Service Trains do -  Second-Class only (Air-Conditioned or Fan). Second-Class Fan Sleepers are only on Rapid  Service Trains. There is no Third-Class on Express Service Trains. Certain Long-Distance trains, (such as the 'Daytime Express' from Bangkok to Chiang Mai), schedule a 'Get out and Stretch' stop of about 15 minutes. Rapid, Express, and Special-Express are fast, Long-Distance Trains.

1. Ordinary (Local) - Ordinary (or Local) Trains are Older, slower services which stop at every station.
--a. Ordinary Service Trains offer Third-Class Service and Second-Class Fan (Seated or Sleeper) Service.

2. Rapid -- (Long-Distance trains)
--a. Not All Rapid trains have sleeping berths carriages. (Check first)
--b. All Rapid Service Trains have inexpensive, delicious Thai food available.
--c. Rapid Train Service Trains offer Third-Class and Second-Class Fan Service.

3. Express -- (Long-Distance trains)
-- a. All Express Trains have sleeping berths available.
--b. There is no Third-Class Service on Express Service Trains.
--c. All Seated Express Service Trains (Air-Conditioned or Fan) serve delicious food, but it can be a bit pricey.
--d. There is no budget food available on Express Trains.

4. Special Express -- (Long-Distance trains)
--a. All Special Express Trains have sleeping berths available.
--b. Special Express Service Trains offer only First-Class and Second-Class Air-Conditioned Service (Seated or Sleeper).
--c. There is no Second-Class Fan or Third-Class on Special Express Service Trains.

5. Diesel Rail Cars -- Seats and Engine are in same Carriage
--a. Ordinary (Only on Thai Railways Eastern Lines) - Ordinary Train Service is the only kind of Third-ClassTrain Service on the Eastern Lines.
--b. Special Diesel Rail Cars (Northern Line--Bangkok to Phitsanulok). On the Bangkok to Phitsanulok trip, these trains are even faster than Special Express Train Service.
--c. Express Diesel Railcars (Northern Line--Bangkok to Chiang Mai) - Only in Second-Class Air-Conditioned Serivce.

For more information on Commuter Trains/Intercity Services read ... Special Types of Train Service

Special Tickets & Services

1. Thailand Rail Passes (See Booking Section)

2. Joint Rail / Bus / Boat Tickets - Train tickets which include bus / boat transfer service from the rail station. You usually buy these tickets from travel agencies. (See Surat Thani Train Station )

3. International (Cross-Border) Train Service (See International Train Service into Malaysia / Singapore )
--a. Bangkok To Butterworth, Malaysia
--b. Hat Yai To Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
--c. Bangkok To Singapore

4. The Eastern and Oriental Express (See Eastern and Oriental Express)

5. Future International Connections (See Future Routes) *****section I
-- a. To Malaysia by Thailand Rail via Sungai Kolok -- no cross border train
-- b. To Laos by Thailand Rail -- urban myth
-- c. To Myanmar (Burma) by Thailand Rail -- Future Plan
-- d. To Cambodia/Vietnam/China by Thailand Rail -- Future Plan

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