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The Toilets

WC / "Restrooms"

Let's admit it. No one likes the experience of using the tiolet facilities on any form of moving transportation. This is especially true after a few hours of travel with quite a few visits from passengers. The sudden bumps and turns can cause unfortunate accidents. We all try to get in and out of the toilets as quickly as possible without touching anything inside. In general, toilets on trains are much better than tiolets on busses. Toilets on Thai Railways Trains are no exception. The toilets onboard are kept really clean and even provide hand soap and toilet paper. I'm sure the tiolet style (Squat-type or 'Western-style') varies slightly from class-to-class though.

a. First-Class Sleeper - First-Class Toilets are kept clean and are shared, but they even have a shower inside. First-Class passengers also get a private sink, soap and towel inside their cabin. Some trains have 'Squat ' toilets, while other trains have 'Western-Style' toilets.

b. Second-Class Sleeper Service (Fan or Air-Conditioned)
- Toilets are all the dreaded 'squat-type', but it's actually easier to use a squat toilet on a bumpy train ride. (You don't have to fuss with seat covering). Some of the toilets are actually quite roomy, while others are just not made for larger people.

c. Second-Class Seated Service (Fan or Air-Conditioned) - Toilets in Second-Class Seated Service are the same as toilets in Second-Class Sleeper Service.

d. Third-Class (Fan or Air-Conditioned) - Toilets in Third-Class Service are the same as in either type of Second-Class Service.


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