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Thai Railways

The Seating

Varieties of Seating Comfort

Seating on Thai Railways Trains varies greatly, depending on both the Class of Travel and Type of Train Service. In general, the seating on all of Thai Railways Services is comfortable and kept clean.

a. First-Class -
The beds/ seating are in private compartments. Compartments come with a comfortable sofa for day use. In gereral, First-Class only exists on Overnight Sleeper Train Service, however some Special Express Daytime Train Services between Bangkok and Chiang Mai are considered to have First-Class Service. (See 'Special Train Services' - Intercity Train Service Section).

b. Second-Class Sleeper (Fan or Air-Conditioned) - During the day there are two facing seats. The seating is comfortable with plenty of leg-room in the Second-Class Sleeper Cars. If you wanted to eat, write, or play a 'board' game (e.g..Chess) it's also possible to have a table put between the two facing seats.

c. Second-Class Seated (Fan or Air-Conditioned) - There is not as much Leg-Room' in Second-Class Seated as in Second-Class Sleeper, but they are reclining, padded seats.

d. Third-Class (Fan or Air-Conditioned) - The Third-Class seating varies depending on the type of train service.
1. Ordinary -- Wooden 'slat' Bench-Type Seating. Ordinary Third-Class Train Service is usually found on Eastern and Northeastern Lines.
2. Rapid (Air-Conditioned) - Padded Seating. Only on Long-Distance Third-Class Service.
3. Bangkok-Area Commuter Service (Air-conditioned)- Seating on these trains resembles 'Subway Cars' with plastic seats and ceiling handstraps for standing passengers.


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