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Special Types of Train Service.

1. Special Excursions (from SRT)-- The State Railway of Thailand organizes these 'Special Tourist Rail Trips' to popular destinations such as Pattaya, Ko Samui, and Kanchanaburi. Not all destinations are offered all the time, so it's best to ask about 'Current Excursions' available either at the Hua Lamphong Railway Station Booking Office or at any travel agency. Usually, these SRT arranged are much cheaper than trips offered by private tour operators.

2. Short Distance / Commuter - Passengers for Bangkok-Area Commuter Trains usually start their Train Trips at Thonburi (Bangkok Noi) Rail Station. These Trains are 'Short-Distance' and only go to destinations within a 2-hour commute. Many of the Stations are cities inside the Greater Bangkok Metropolitan Area or not far outside. Commuter Trains in the Bangkok Area (All Trird-Class) resemble 'Subway Cars' with plastic seats and ceiling handstraps for standing passengers. Many of the destinations on Thai Railways Western and East Coast Lines are considered 'Short-Distance' Trips.

3. Long-Distance - Like the name says, these Thai Railway Trains travel long distances, usually overnight to destinations far from Bangkok. Unlike the 'Intercity Train Services' (See Below), regular Long-Distance Service offers all the different 'Classes of Travel' and 'Types of Train Service' and stops more frequently. Certain Long-Distance Trains, (such as the 'Daytime Express' from Bangkok to Chiang Mai), schedule a 'Get out and Stretch' stop of about 15 minutes.

4. Intercity Passenger Services - Thailand's Intercity Rail Long-Distance Service is fast, usually 'Express' or 'Special Express' Train Service between Bangkok and another major 'Hub' on one of Thai Railways Train Lines. Most passengers begin their Thai Railway Intercity Train Trips at Hua Lamphong (also an MRT Station). Here, trains connect Bangkok to Malaysia in the South, Chiang Mai in the North, and Nong Khai in the Northeast. These trains only stop at Major Stations along the way. Intercity Long-Distance Rail Service has only First and Second-Class Air-Conditioned (Seated and Sleeper) on it. There is no Intercity Service on Thai Railways Western or Eastern Lines.

Intercity Train Services

-Northern Line
Thai railways Northern Line's 'Express Nakhonphink' is a Special Express Service Train. The daily 'Express Nakhonphink' Trains run between Bangkok and Chiang Mai. These trains offer only 1st and 2nd Class carriages air-conditioned service.. The 'Express Nakhonphink' offers Thai Railways 'Best' Service.
* 'Express Nakhonphink' - Bangkok-Ayutthaya-Lopburi-Nakhon Sawan-Phitsanulok-Lampang-Chiang Mai
* 'Daytime Express' - Bangkok to Chiang Mai. This 3 pm Train offers Second-Class and Third-Class Seated Air-Conditioned Service. No Bicycles Allowed.
* 'Nighttime Express' - Bangkok to Chiang Mai. This 10 pm Train Offers Second-Class Fan Sleeper and Third-Class.

-Northeastern Line
* Bangkok-Ayutthaya-Saraburi-Nakhon Ratchasima-Khon Kaen-Udon Thani-Nong Khai
* Bangkok-Ayutthaya-Saraburi-Nakhon Ratchasima-Buriram-Surin-Sisaket-Ubon Ratchathani

-Eastern Line
* Bangkok-Chachoengsao-Prachinburi-Kabin Buri-Sa Kaeo-Aranyaprathet
* Bangkok-Chachoengsao-Chon Buri-Pattaya-Ban Phlu Ta Luang

-Southern Line
* Bangkok-Nakhon Pathom-Hua Hin-Surat Thani-Hat Yai-Butterworth (Malaysia) ('International Express')
* Bangkok-Nakhon Pathom-Hua Hin-Surat Thani-Hat Yai-Sungei Kolok ('Thaksin Express')
* Bangkok-Nakhon Pathom-Hua Hin-Surat Thani-Thung Song-Nakhon Si Thammarat ('Thaksin Express')
* Bangkok-Nakhon Pathom-Hua Hin-Surat Thani-Thung Song-Kantang ('Thaksin Express')
* Bangkok-Nakhon Pathom-Kanchanaburi-Nam Tok ('Thaksin Express')

-Thai Railways 'Thaksin Express' is a Special Express Service Train that runs between Bangkok and Sungai Kolok (on the Thai / Malay Border). Sungai Kolok is the last Station on Thai Railways Southern Line. 'Thaksin' is a Thai word for South, so the name of this train can be translated as 'the Southern Express.'

-Thai Railways 'International Express' is an Express Service Train between Bangkok (Thailand) and Butterworth (Malaysia). It is the only International Train Service operated by Thai Railways.
(See Other Train Routes Section - International Service for Details)

5. Bangkok City Rail Transport
-- a. Bangkok Metro (MRT) - (See 'Bangkok Metro' for Details)
--b. Skytrain (BTS) - (See 'Bangkok Metro' for Details)
--c. Bangkok Area Commuter Service (See 'Short-Distance / Commuter Service Section above)

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