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Thai Railways

Thai Railways serving the South of Thailand

Southern Train Lines

Thai Railways Southern Line heads South to Thailand's Southern Peninsula and its popular beach destinations. Thai Railways Southern Line also goes to the Thai / Malay Border, with connections into Malaysia and Singapore (Malaysian Railways Services). Thailand's Southern Line is pretty much one main line heading South from Bangkok to the Malaysian Border, with a few minor branches splitting off from the main line. The minor branches go to Nakhon Si Thammarat, Kantang (Trang), Songkla, and Khiri Rattanikhom. At Nong Pla Duk Junction. The Southern Line Splits off from the Western Lines before heading South.

Common Destinations on Thai Railways Southern Lines
  • Surat Thani - 'Central-South Hub' for access to most popular Thai Beach destinations.
  • Hat Yai - 'Southern Hub' for all trains, busses, and minivans to/from all destinations in South Thailand and Malaysia.(read more)
  • Trang - Southwest Coast Rail access.
  • Hua Hin / Cha Am - Bangkok vicinity beach destinations.
  • Chumphon - for cinvenient Boat Services to/from Ko Tao.
  • Phuket / Krabi - no rail access (For More Information See Surat Thani)
  • Koh Samui / Koh Pha Ngan / Koh Tao - no rail access but via Surat Thani)
  • International Services - South into Malaysia and Singapore.
  • Visa Run Destinations - Thai / Malay Border crossings.
  • Deep South - Songkla, Yala, Pattani & Narrathiwat.
Side Notes on Thailand's Southern Lines

The Southern Line splits at Hat Yai into two Branches. The main Line Branch goes Southeast to Sungai Kolok on the Thai / Malay Border. The other Branch goes Southwest to Padang Besar and destinations in Malaysia. There is a rail link at Sungai Kolok (last station on the Southeast Branch) across the Golok River to Rantau Panjang (Malaysia), but there are no cross-border passenger train services there. There are also no cross-border Bus Services between Thailand and Malaysia on the Southeast Coast Thai / Malay Border. From Sungai Kolok Rail Station (Thailand), get to the Thai / Malay Border by taxi or on foot. (1 km). Walk over the 'Harmony Bridge' to Rantau Panjang (Malaysia). From Rantau Panjang, get a bus, motorbike, or taxi to the nearest Malaysian Railways Station, Pasir Mas Station.

Southern Thailand's 'Separatist Movement' Effect on Thai Railway Service -
Until March 27, 2005, Train Services between Hat Yai and Sungai Kolok Rail Stations were running as normal. But since murder of Railway officers at Tanyong Mas Rail Station, and the Bombings at Hat Yai Rail Station in 2004 and at Sugei Padi Rail Station on March 27, 2005, the SRT requested Army Protection aboard its trains. Train services from Hat Yai to Sugei Golok requite at least six 'fully-armed' army officers guarding each passenger carriage. In addition, the SRT discontinued services after Tanyong Mas Rail Station. Thai Railways began running a bus 'shuttle' service between Tanyong Mas Rail Station and Sungai Kolok Rail Station. SRT maintainance workers repairing the rails destroyed by the bombs also required 24-hour protection. It's unknown if these security measures are still in effect in 2007.

All Stations / Routes on Thailand's Southern Lines

Southern Lines

a. Main Southern Line - Hat Yai
--1. Major Junctions - Bang Sue, Nong Pla Duk, Hat Yai
--2. Major Main Southern Line Stations - Surat Thani, Hat Yai

b. Southeastern (Main) Branch - Sungai Kolok Station
--1. Junction - Hat Yai
--2. Major Southeastern Branch Stations - Yala, Pattani, Sungai Kolok
--3. All Southeastern Branch Stations

c. Southwest (Padang Besar) Branch International Service - Thai / Malay Border, Malaysia, and Singapore (See also International Service)
--1. Main Junction / Depot - Hat Yai
--2. Major Southwestern Branch Stations - Padang Besar (Thai / Malaysia Border), Butterworth (Malaysia)
--3. All Southwestern Branch Stations (Thailand and Malaysia)

d. Nakhon Si Thammarat Branch - Nakhon Si Thammarat
--1. Junction - Khao Chumthong
--2. All Nakhon Si Thammarat Branch Stations

e. Kantang Branch - Kantang
--1. Junction - Thung Song
--2. Major Kantang Branch Stations - Trang, Kantang
--3. All Kantang Branch Stations

f. Songkla Branch - Songkla (Out of Service)
--1. Junction - Hat Yai

g. Khiri Rattanikhom Branch
--1. Junction - Ban Thung Pho

Southern Line & Branches

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