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Thai Railways

Thai Railways serving the North of Thailand

Northern Train Lines

Thai Railways Northern Line Heads directly North from Bangkok. Thai Railways Northern Line passes historical places like Ayutthaya (Former Thai Capital), Sukhothai, and popular destinations like Chiang Mai, Thai Railways popular Northern Hub. Thailand’s Northern Line pretty much goes straight up, with only one or two very small branches splitting off from the main line. The Main Junctions are in Bang Sue, and then Ban Pachi, where the Northeastern Lines break away from the Northern Lines.

Common Destinations on Thai Railways Northern Line
  • Sukhothai - the cultural center
  • Ayutthaya - the old capitol of Thailand or better "Kingdom of Siam"
  • Phitsanulok
  • Chiang Mai - Gateway to the North
  • Lampang
  • Pai
  • Mae Hong Son
  • Chiang Rai
  • 'Golden Traingle' Area
  • Mae Sai - Thai / Myanmar Border Crossing (Myawadi, Myanmar)
  • Mae Sot - Thai / Myanmar Border Crossing (Tachileik, Myanmar)
  • Tak - Gateway to Myanmar
  • Hill Tribe Villages - Trekking Paradise
Side Notes on Thailand's Northern Line
Thai Railways Northern Line final station is at Chiang Mai, the popular Northern Capital. From Chiang Mai, there is convenient Bus / Minibus access to many points of interest such as Pai (popular mountain town), Mae Hong Son (Home of the 'Long-Necked Women' ), the 'Golden Traingle' Area (point where Myanmar, Laos, and Thailand all meet), and Mai Sai (popular place to cross into Myanmar for a new 'Visa Stamp').
All Stations / Routes on Thailand's Northern Line
Northern Line - Chiang Mai
a. Major Junctions - Bang Sue, Ban Phachi
b. Major Northern Line Stations - Ayutthhaya, Phitsanulok, Lopburi, Lampang, Chiang Mai
c. Sawankhalok Branch Junction - Ban Dara

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