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Thai Railways

Hua Lamphong = Bangkok station
Ticket Colletction from the 12Go Asia collection office, on Hualamphong station concourse on one of the two 1st-floor rows of shops.

Introduction to Thai Railways

Train Services around Thailand

Travel by train in Thailand with Thai Railways carries with it a certain romanticism. The clatter, bumps, and jumps of the train wheels rolling over the uneven tracks. The roar of the wind rushing by the speeding train. The blaring, distorted announcements as the train rolls into the stations. The carefree feeling of sitting by the window and watching the scenery go by.

Altogether it's the image of what travel is supposed to be and always has been. So, just relax and enjoy the journey with the Thai Railways network. Just like in movies from the 40's and 50's. Train travel was the main way to get around and you could always strike up an interesting conversation or exchange travel stories with a new acquaintance. Train travel in Thailand is a real Thai experience, and it gives you the chance to meet local people, see how they travel, learn something about their lives, and practice your Thai Language skills. Road travel (bus) is so well organized and promoted in Thailand, that many people simply overlook the advantages train travel and hop on busses or planes. This is a mistake. Train travel is the best form of public transport in Thailand. Read More....… Thailand has one of the best meter-gauge rail systems in the world, along with India and Malaysia. Thailand has a very good inter-province connecting railway system and there are train services to all the regions (Northern, Northeastern, Eastern, Central, and Southern). Read More....… Train travel in Thailand is comfortable, safe, and relaxing, but this depends a lot on both the passenger's needs and the class of travel. It's very hard to find a train which has all the classes, but most trains seem to have at least 2 classes on them. Read More....… The State Railway of Thailand (SRT) is very well-organized and has made it easy for people to find train information (routes and schedules) and book tickets either at stations, online, or by telephone. There is usually a few Thai Railways Staff at stations and on telephone services who speak English and can help potential passengers. Read More....

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